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Start small.

Pair it up . Create a bond between an activity you’re doing daily anyway—say, watching Stephen Colbert —and foam rolling.

Pair it up

Keep it in sight. Buy your own foam roller instead of relying on your gym or training buddy. Keep it in a visible spot near where you’ll use it, and have a massage stick in your office, Sapper says.

Keep it in sight.

Factor in the time. If you have a 45-minute run on your training plan and exactly 45 minutes to do it, chances are you’ll rush into it without the dynamic stretches. Adjust your schedule so you have a full hour for yourworkout, or consider decreasing the mileage to accommodate the warmup.

Factor in the time.
Ascent Xmedia/Getty
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For data-obsessed runners, occasionally ditching the reconnects you with your natural pacing and rhythms. “You’ll learn what conversational pace feels like and what your breathing should sound like at different intensity levels,” Mayer says. And while no one doubts the motivating power of music , removing your earbuds sometimes offers other advantages. For one, you’ll stay safer in unfamiliar territory; plus, you’ll notice and appreciate your surroundings more without auditory distractions, Mayer says. And if you’re planning a race that forbids tunes, you’ll line up prepared.

Time it right. Easy runs, trail runs, and periods when you’re coming back from an injury or recovering from a race are prime times to go gadget-free. “Without the pressure of seeing your pace, it can be easier to take it easy while you’re ramping up again,” Mayer says.

Time it right.

Remind yourself. This habit is tricky because you’re shifting your routine on just one day of the week. You lace up, slap on your watch, and grab your phone—and you’re out the door with all the gear you meant to leave behind. So choose a consistent day—say, a tech-free Tuesday—and set a recurring phone alert for before you head out, Plotnek says.

Remind yourself.

Go by time. Measuring some runs by time instead of distance lets you at least downgrade from a GPS unit to an analog watch. If you feel the need to note your pace and mileage at the end, choose a go-to route—you’ll at least avoid continually checking your pace, Reichmann says.

Go by time.

Reset your motivation. On gadget-free runs, focus on contemplation, prayer, or disconnecting from the stress of the day. You might experience your runs in a new way and embrace being unreachable, Plotnek says.

Reset your motivation.
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Figure 1.

Adult and embryonic stomatogastric motor patterns. , Adult, Simultaneous intracellular recordings from PD, LP, and DG somata, neuromodulatory inputs intact, in control saline. , Embryo, Simultaneous intracellular recordings from pdm, lpm, and dgm, neuromodulatory inputs intact, in control saline.

The differences between adult and embryonic stomatogastric motor patterns could be attributable to developmental differences in the STG network itself, in the synaptic connections or intrinsic membrane properties. Alternatively, these differences could be due to the immaturity of the neuromodulatory inputs ( Fénelon et al., 1999 ; Kilman et al., 1999 ; Ducret et al., 2007 ; DAMA Classic heels ribera Cheap Low Price Clearance Discounts Explore MJ8Ga
), or developmental differences in the responses of STG neurons to neuromodulators. Therefore, we asked whether Val 1 -SIFamide, a peptide that can modulate STG neurons in the adult lobster ( Christie et al., 2006 ), was found in the same places in the neuromodulatory inputs of adults and embryos.

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found extensive Val 1 -SIFamide immunolabeling in the neuromodulatory regions of the adult STNS. Using the same antibody and protocols as Christie et al. (2006) , we found similar although not identical Val 1 -SIFamide staining in the immature lobster STNS. In the adult, Val 1 -SIFamide was found in the neuropil regions and in ∼45 somata in the each of the paired commissural ganglia (CoG), and in two somata in the esophageal ganglion (OG) ( Christie et al., 2006 ). In the CoG of all embryonic preparations ( n = 15), Val 1 -SIFamide was found in only one large soma (∼10–15 μm) with a short process leading to an area of complex branching in the CoG neuropil ( embroidered tortoise slippers Really z7k5jgjD
A ). Although we never saw staining in the embryonic OG, in 3 of 15 preparations we saw one weakly stained fiber directly above the superior esophageal nerve (son)/stn junction leading toward the OG (data not shown). In the adult, Val 1 -SIFamide was seen in four fasciculated processes in each of the nerves leading to the STG, the two son from each CoG, and the esophageal nerve (on) from the OG, resulting in 12 Val 1 -SIFamide-containing processes in the stn, the nerve that carries the projections of all descending neuromodulatory neurons to the STG ( Christie et al., 2006 ). In contrast, in the embryo we found only one ( n = 4) ( Fig. 2 A , B ) or two ( n = 6) (data not shown) Val 1 -SIFamide-labeled processes in each son, resulting in two to four processes in the embryonic stn ( Fig. 2 B ). In the adult STG, dense staining in varicosities and branches were seen throughout the peripheral neuropil ( Christie et al., 2006 ). Similarly, in the embryonic STG, dense Val 1 -SIFamide staining was evident in numerous, diffuse, punctuate varicosities and in the branched neurites of different diameters ranging from <0.5 to 2 μm ( Fig. 2 C ). A central core of the embryonic STG was devoid of staining, suggesting that the Val 1 -SIFamide staining was limited to the peripheral neuropil (data not shown).

00:50 02 Jul 2018

Match report

A recap of a dramatic match in Nizhny Novgorod, in which Kasper Schmeichel saved three penalties, but it wasn't enough to send the Danes through to the quarter-finals. Croatia will now face Russia on July 7 in Sochi.

Subasic the hero as Croatia claim shootout win

Read more
00:02 02 Jul 2018

Match highlights

Watch all the match action capped by the drama of the penalty shoot-out.

23:58 01 Jul 2018

Dalic hails Subasic

Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic: “We stayed mentally strong, controlled and we won eventually. This is a reward for all our hard work, and that makes it all the sweeter. “So far we have played well, and won in superior fashion. But you have to have difficult moments. We haven’t played a great game, not like the level of our first three games. My faith in my players is even stronger after such a game like tonight. “He (Danijel Subasic) was a hero tonight. He saved three penalties in the shoot-out and you don’t see that every day. He pulled us out tonight when we needed it and congratulations to him."

23:40 01 Jul 2018

Hareide's reaction

Denmark coach Age Hareide: “Our three best players for penalties all missed their penalties today. I feel sorry for Kasper and the whole team. But that is what can happen in penalties, and is the brutality of football. Croatia are the best team in Europe for counter-attacks. Having control was important and I thought we had that in the second half."

23:31 01 Jul 2018
Vjekoslav Paun فيكوسلاف باون Векослав Паун

Luka Modric: "It was very hot, and very hard to run. It was hard for me to miss the penalty spot because I had been studying the whole morning how to score it against Schmeichel."

23:21 01 Jul 2018

Man of the Match Schmeichel speaks

"It is a strange feeling. There is enormous disappointment but also huge pride in our performance. We had the opportunity and I think we were the better team in the second half. It is hard to put all the emotions into words at the moment."

23:11 01 Jul 2018

A moment to share

Luka Modric celebrates with his family

23:02 01 Jul 2018
Vjekoslav Paun فيكوسلاف باون Векослав Паун

What a thriller! Croatia's Russia 2018 dream continues. This was not a brilliant evening for by any means, but they succeeded. Denmark proved to be a massive test for the golden generation, one they only just passed.

22:59 01 Jul 2018
Svend Frandsen سفيند فراندسين Свенн Франнсен

In extra time Denmark relied heavily on that defensive organisation that served them so well throughout the tournament. Both sides didn't look like there was any strength left to try attacking moves during extra time. And when Hareide's men needed it most, Kasper Schmeichel showed all his class to preserve the Danish chances in the penalty shoot-out.

22:57 01 Jul 2018

Agony and ecstasy

Nothing brings out emotional extremes like a penalty shoot-out as these pictures prove.

22:54 01 Jul 2018

Gaolkeepers to the fore

Five penalties were saved by Danijel Subasic and Kasper Schmeichel during the shoot-out, with the latter also saving one in the final minutes of extra time.

22:49 01 Jul 2018

Subasic the hero

Croatia win 3-2 on penalties after Danijel Subasic saved three spot-kicks, including the opener from Christian Eriksen. Subasic equals the World Cup record for most saves in a shoot-out, equaling the mark set by Portugal's Ricardo against England in 2006.

22:48 01 Jul 2018
Man of the Match
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22:47 01 Jul 2018

Ball possession

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